UX Research and Strategy for Colorado Access

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Inovdesigns partners with Elavision on a large-scale Member- and Provider-focused research project to evaluate how Colorado Access can continue to provide digital experiences that accommodate future growth, allow the organization to stay competitive, and help fulfill its vision of creating “healthy communities transformed by the care that people want at a cost we can all afford.”
Colorado AccessElavision

MileHighConnects.org Content Strategy

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Mile High Connects, part of the Denver Foundation, is a broad partnership of organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors that are committed to increasing access to housing choices, good jobs, quality schools and essential services via public transit. Inovdesigns was brought in to help the organization develop a content and design strategy for an upcoming website redesign/realignment.

User Centered Design for Community-Focused Storytelling Platform

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Inovdesigns is working with the Knight Foundation, the Piton Foundation and the Denver Foundation to design Floodlight – a project intended to create free tools to help citizens translate public data into captivating stories. A major component of the project will be an easy-to-use, online platform that allows users to post and share their stories as well as interact with relevant data and content.
The Knight FoundationThe Piton FoundationThe Denver Foundation

Usability Testing for Colorado Health Foundation

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Inovdesigns is selected to conduct usability testing and an email readership survey for the Colorado Health Foundation. The Foundation invests in the Colorado community through grants and initiatives to health-related nonprofits that focus on goals of increasing the number of Coloradans with health insurance, ensuring they have access to quality, coordinated care and encouraging healthy living.
Colorado Health Foundation

UI Design for Newdea Giving Center

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Inovdesigns selected to provide User Interface Prototypes and Usability Expertise for Newdea. The redesigned “Giving Center” will help major donors make social investments with confidence by providing a technology platform that empowers nonprofits to measure, communicate and achieve real impact.