UX Research and Strategy for Colorado Access

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Inovdesigns partners with Elavision on a large-scale Member- and Provider-focused research project to evaluate how Colorado Access can continue to provide digital experiences that accommodate future growth, allow the organization to stay competitive, and help fulfill its vision of creating “healthy communities transformed by the care that people want at a cost we can all afford.”
Colorado AccessElavision

Usability Testing for National Stroke Association

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The National Stroke Association’s mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke. Inovdesigns was selected to conduct usability testing with a number of existing smartphone apps targeted towards stroke survivors and their care-givers, as a means to understand user requirements, design guidelines, and possible design solutions for future applications.

Healthgrades.com Usability Consulting

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Inovdesigns consults for HealthGrades, the leading independent healthcare ratings company on a redesign of healthgrades.com. The focus of the redesign effort is to improve website usability, refresh the visual design of the site and better help users research hospitals, physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers through the creation of new, free evaluation tools unique to healthgrades.com.

Asthmapolis.com Information Architecture

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Inovdesigns partners with Cry Baby Design to redesign Asthmapolis.com, a new kind of disease tracking and reporting service. Through an integrated database and targeted data collection and analysis tools, patients and researchers can work together to help improve public health by tracking how often and where patients use their inhalers to aggregate objective, real-time data on the timing and location of asthma symptoms.

Usability Testing for Colorado Health Foundation

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Inovdesigns is selected to conduct usability testing and an email readership survey for the Colorado Health Foundation. The Foundation invests in the Colorado community through grants and initiatives to health-related nonprofits that focus on goals of increasing the number of Coloradans with health insurance, ensuring they have access to quality, coordinated care and encouraging healthy living.
Colorado Health Foundation