Using Research Results to Help Your Team More Effectively Plan Product Development Efforts

Successful product design and development efforts often require a significant level of business investment and true success can only be achieved by meeting the needs of both your business and your customers.

Understanding and agreeing upon a shared vision for what a product or service will be – from the user’s perspective – can be one of the most valuable steps a company takes in designing a product or service. And the results from research can help a team more readily identify and evaluate design ideas to determine what approach will most effectively meet user and business goals.

We can help you define and/or refine your product design, develop research and development implementation strategies to maximize your ROI, or help you increase your company’s competitive advantage by helping you best integrate user-centered design practices at all levels of your organization.

Strategy Services


Competitive Analyses

An objective, user- or expert-driven evaluation of what does/doesn’t work in other applications can help product and development teams avoid spending valuable resources implementing useless or problematic features.


User Needs Analysis

Research is synthesized and analyzed to help drive a common definition of high-value, must-have product features, functions and content/data. A user-centered approach for what to do before “Sprint 0.”


Task and Workflow Modeling

An analysis and modeling of the interaction between users and the system; identifying information and navigation flow, transaction/process steps and associated system states to drive functionality decisions.


Persona Development

Research-driven, behaviorally-focused representations of current or intended users; designed to establish an understanding of who will use a particular product or service.


Experience / Journey Maps

One result of a more comprehensive research program, this visualization of the many different phases of a customer’s experience with your product or service is a great way to identify areas for improvement.


Feature / Function Planning

Put that research to use! Findings can be used to identify and prioritize high-value, key usability-oriented features to aid in iteration and release planning and to inform long-term product development roadmaps.

Bill has been the leading influence in user interface methodology and experience design at Faction Media. Bill is meticulous and highly methodical in his approach to understanding user behavior - identifying not only what users think but why they think it and how those thoughts effect the user experience... He has been a key resource for guiding the design and development philosophy behind our most successful web and application development projects... He is a leader in his field and is an invaluable resource to any company that values user experience.

Aaron Batte, President and Founder at Faction Media