Creating Interactive Prototypes is a Key Component of Our UI Design and Evaluation Process

Effective user interface design requires a solid understanding of the intended users of the product, a well-defined strategy for product development and future growth, and a well-organized, satisfying, and aesthetically pleasing presentation that helps people find the information they need to accomplish their goals.

Easier said than done? Not if you’ve been paying attention…

Our approach is quite easy to understand: do the research to inform the product strategy and then use the strategy to guide the design.

A cornerstone of our business is the creation of interactive prototypes as part of the design and evaluation process.

Easy to create and refine, prototypes give everyone (including client stakeholders, developers, visual designers and users) a chance to more completely understand and evaluate a design before it’s finalized and built (when the costs to then change that design are substantially greater).

Design Services


Interactive Prototypes

Browser-based, clickable demos of a software application or technology product, helping to explain controls, screen layout and information organization and demonstrate system behavior and interactivity.


Information Architecture

Organizing, structuring and labeling application features, functionality and content to support usability, understandability, and findability of information.


Wireframes / Schematics

Static screen diagrams illustrating the type of information to be displayed, the range of functions available, the relative priority of content, and an overall approach to layout and presentation.


Sketches and Storyboards

A “pencils before pixels” approach to quickly establishing core user interface concepts or interaction and navigation paths; helps guide user story creation and analysis of tasks and behaviors.


UI Frameworks & Patterns

Work with product and development teams to define common user interface layouts, controls and other recurring solutions that can be applied towards future iterations of product development efforts.


Information Design

Diagrams, visualizations or other specifications of how content, data and functionality should be organized to be relevant, clear, memorable and promote efficient and effective understanding.

I would recommend Bill to anyone who needs expert insight and advice on crafting user experiences and interfaces that just work. I've worked with Bill on a number of projects, from enterprise web-based applications to e-commerce websites and in each instance Bill has provided expertise and impeccable execution... Bill is great at taking a project from concept to design with expertise in crafting scalable information architectures and usable interfaces. A recent project he helped with increased our e-commerce conversion 6x from the previous design - proving that his know-how pays off for companies who are smart enough to hire him.

Morgan Brown, Director of Marketing, Turnhere, Inc.