Research, Strategy, and Design Services

Effective design begins with understanding people, but it also requires strategic business and technology planning along with creative, tactical problem solving in order to meet dynamic business needs.

User Research

In order to create effective, easy-to-use user interfaces for software applications, web sites and other technology products, it's imperative to understand the needs, wants and goals of the intended users of those products. Designers need to understand the types of things users feel comfortable and capable of doing when interacting with technology products and when they feel they could use a little help.

We emphasize a qualitative, behavior-based approach to conducting user research - interviewing and observing users interacting with technology products in the context in which they would normally use those products. Whether users are sitting at their office desks, on the road using their mobile device or in the comfort of their own homes, our goal is to more completely understand how users actually work, play, and live with technology. We believe that it is only through gaining this deeper understanding that one can truly call a design approach "user centered."

Product & Design Strategy

To create a building that will stand for years to come, you start at the bottom - in the dirt and rocks, concrete and steel. Establishing a solid foundation isn't always the most glamorous work, but it's the most important part of an entire project. Without it, you can't build much of anything.

Product design and development efforts often require a significant level of business investment and true success can only be achieved by meeting the needs of both your business and your customers. We can help you define and/or refine your product design, develop implementation and marketing strategies to maximize your ROI or help you increase your company's competitive advantage by helping you best integrate user-centered design practices at all levels of the organization.

User Interface Design

Effective user interface design is a multidisciplinary endeavor. It requires a deep understanding of the intended users of the product, a well-defined strategy for product development and future growth, and a well-organized, satisfying, and aesthetically pleasing presentation that helps people find the information they need to accomplish their goals. But in our minds, "design success" is about more than just the visuals; it's the structure and organization, navigation and interaction, and overall information layout of a particular product that really determines whether a design is successful.

A cornerstone of our process is the creation of interactive prototypes as part of the overall design effort. These interactive prototypes give users, developers, visual designers and - most importantly - client stakeholders a chance to more completely understand and evaluate a design before it's finalized (when the costs to then change a design are substantially greater).


Inovdesigns provides a number of services related to designing, testing, and improving the interfaces of technology products. Whether we're evaluating an existing interface or prototyping a new UI as part of a larger development team, our processes are designed to help us achieve our goal of an improved - and validated - user experience.

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