TerraSpec Halo Mineral Identifier

Originally part of the Philips organization, PANAlytical is the world leader in X-ray analysis systems and recently acquired Boulder-based ASD, Inc. for their industry-leading expertise in near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy instruments.

Inovdesigns was asked to help design and develop the UI for a first-to-market NIR handheld spectrometer that provides field geologists with real time mineral information, analysis, and reference data. The handheld uses an onboard LCD powered by WinCE 5.0, allowing for the use of HTML, CSS and limited javascript for interactions.


On-Device User Interface

Because the device is often used in bright sunlight and at arms-length from the user’s eyes, the UI was designed for maximum contrast and readability of key information.


To refine the UI, a number of informal “field” tests were conducted using a custom-built, browser-based interactive prototype to assess usability and readability of the display. Using a laptop with variable screen brightness settings, testers were able to use simulated hardware buttons to navigate the device screens and evaluate the display designs.

Accompanying Data Management Software

In addition to creating the on-device UI for the TerraSpec Halo, we were also asked to design the interface for a browser-based desktop software program that would provide additional data analysis and management capabilities. The software was designed and built using Bootstrap and was mobile-responsive.