New Corporate Intranet

Dex Media launched a corporate intranet portal in 2002 and soon realized that they were suffering, like most corporate intranets, the effects of unmanaged growth. Navigation was confusing, document management was non-existent, search was just plain “broken,” and no one trusted that the information that they did manage to find was valid.

The technology was implemented for technology’s sake, and users were left to muddle their way through.

So in 2005, they hired Inovdesigns to help them redesign the intranet “the right way:” by using the technology to support users’ needs. Our approach to developing and executing on this particular Enterprise Information Architecture project included:

  • Contextual Interviews / Observations, User Surveys, and Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture and User Interface Prototyping
  • Search Strategy Analysis and Design
  • Document Management Strategy Development
  • Intranet Governance Methodology Development
  • Business Benefits

The results of our efforts left Dex Media with a clear development path for implementing a simplified core Information Architecture, advanced functionalities for a more personalized- and customized-approach to information management, a faceted browsing strategy to help users find over 15,000 documents, and a governed approach to managing future growth.


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