A Multidisciplinary Approach to User Experience Design

Successful design and development projects require expertise in many different disciplines. The employees and contractors of Inovdesigns have multidisciplinary skills in Human Factors Engineering, Usability Testing & Evaluations, Information Architecture, Information Design, and Interaction Design. Our people are able to integrate those different disciplines into producing solutions for our customers quickly and effectively.

Leadership – Bill Pawlak

Bill Pawlak has over nineteen years of multidisciplinary experience designing, testing, and developing user interfaces for software, web-based, and mobile applications. He has experience working within both traditional and Agile project methodologies and on all phases of software development.

His educational background is in Human-Computer Interaction and Industrial/Cognitive Engineering. He holds an M.A.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, from the University of Toronto and a B.S. in Engineering Psychology/Human Factors from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.

He’s also a grateful husband, a proud father and a bestest-ever son (thanks, Mom!)

Bill is an exceptional User Experience consultant. He has a deep knowledge of his subject area that he translates efficiently, professionally and creatively into excellent solutions for his clients. He can make artwork out of chaos. He is also a fabulous person to work with -- friendly, knowledgeable, organized, professional and fun. He's worth every penny. Your business will get back what it invests in Bill's services 10-fold.

Sarah Gilbert, Senior Project Manager at Oppenheimer Funds

Watching Bill guide his people through the design and documentation of a massively complex eCommerce site's functionality impressed upon me how capable and focused he was. He's the kind of guy you enjoy having a meeting with if you can believe it, and he motivates co-workers both with his easy going charm and his dogged dedication to duty. Bill's skills are top notch and his experience broad. Beyond all that is his ability to deal smoothly and successfully with clients.

Don Wrege, Director of Strategic Project Management at Culture Foundry

Bill is a detail oriented human factors expert... highly professional in his work and relationships with clients and partners. I have worked with Bill for many years and his work is of the highest quality.

Chris Smaldone, CEO at Spotlight, Inc.

Our Philosophy

B2C or B2B; mobile or desktop; tap or click; E- or I-Whatever… Our goal remains the same: make technology easier for people to use.

Yes, aesthetics are important, but the success of your product is determined more by whether or not users are able accomplish their goals; to do whatever it is they need or want to do, efficiently and effectively.

So no matter what we’re designing – the UI for a web application, a mobile app, screens for an internet-enabled device, or an interactive voice response (IVR) system – we’re committed to helping your users succeed in using your products and we’re committed to helping you succeed as a business.