Welcome to Inovdesigns

A user interface research, strategy, and design company focused on making technology products easier for people to use.


Research Services

We employ both proven and novel research methods to observe, listen, and learn about the needs, goals, expectations and behaviors of your business and your customers.


Strategy Services

We create product design, implementation and marketing strategies that combine user experience goals with business needs and organizational capabilities.


Design Services

We are experts at combining information architecture, interaction design and visual design to create compelling, usable, and effective interfaces for technology products.


We’ve Spent the Last 15 Years Helping Companies Improve the Usability of Their Technology Products

At Inovdesigns, we have applied our knowledge, skills, and design methodology to improve the usability of hundreds of consumer and enterprise-level products and applications.  We’ve conducted research, recommended strategies, and created designs for web and mobile applications, consumer electronics hardware, traditional computer software programs, touchscreen interfaces, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

A multi-disciplinary approach to product usability and user interface design integrates our expertise in Engineering, Art, and Psychology throughout the design/development lifecycle.

We help your business succeed by focusing on helping your customers succeed.

Our Services


Contextual User Research

In order to create effective user experiences for software applications, web sites and other technology products, it’s imperative to first understand the needs, wants, and goals of the intended users of those products.
Research Services


Process and Product Development Strategy

To create a building that will last, start at the bottom – in the dirt and rocks, concrete and steel. Establishing a solid foundation isn’t the most glamorous work, but it’s often the most important part of an entire project.
Strategy Services


User Interface and Interaction Design

“Design success” is about more than just the visuals – it’s the structure, the organization, the navigation, interaction and overall information layout of an application that really determines whether a design is successful.
Design Services