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Inovdesigns is a user interface research, strategy, and design company focused on making technology products easier for people to use

We employ both proven and novel research methods to observe, listen, and learn about the needs, goals, expectations and behaviors of your business and your customers

Experts in the engineering, art and psychology of user interface design

We create product design, implementation and marketing strategies that combine user experience goals with business needs and organizational capabilities

We are experts at combining information architecture, interaction design and visual design to create compelling, usable, and effective interfaces for technology products

Latest News
Latest News

Flatirons Solutions Corporation contracts Inovdesigns to provide interaction and interface design expertise on the design and development of new external widgets for EMC's D2 Documentum platform.

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We have applied our knowledge, skills, and design methodology to improve the usability of complex web applications, web sites, wireless information devices, consumer electronics hardware, mobile phones, traditional computer software programs, touchscreen interfaces, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services related to the research, strategy and design of user interfaces.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to usability and user interface design integrates our expertise in Engineering, Art, and Psychology throughout the design/development lifecycle. Our focus is on delivering value to both your business and your customers.